SITREP: Part 2

In SITREP: Part 1, I delved into my placing the Ben Williams series on hiatus and the reasons behind that.

That is the perfect segue into the projects on which I have been working.

One of the things I learned with The Ronin Genesis was that if I did not set a firm outline for my novels, I would continue to write and write until the story was, in my mind, done. After a fashion, I still believe that leads to the most organic storytelling. Ronin was only meant to be 135,000-140,000 words. The rough draft clocked in at 197,000 words, and I only shed 10,000 words of that during editing.

I’ll spare you the mechanics beyond that. The point is, to be a profitable independent author, one must be prolific, and one does not become prolific by writing books of nearly 200,000 words in length.

I’ve got to get meaner and leaner, and I have two new series planned that will hopefully fit the bill.

The first is titled Malone. It will be an episodic crime thriller short story series that revolves around the title character, Tubb Malone. Each season will deal with a different billet in law enforcement.

The first season deals with Malone going on a long-term undercover assignment against an organized crime syndicate, and will touch on topics such as the mental effects of undercover work, police-community relations in these current turbulent times, and being a minority in law enforcement.

I feel that Malone will be a great discussion starter between supporters of law enforcement and those who may not be so fond of law enforcement.

How I plan on releasing Malone is to write all eight episodes of the first season (with each episode being about 15,000 words), then release them on a schedule on Kindle. After a spell, I will compile those episodes, format them for print, and release a paperback version for those who prefer to hold a book in their hands.

Steve and Hind 6
Photo credit: Sebastian Sassi of Sassi Italy Tours

The second project I am working on is tentatively titled Task Force Green. It will be an assortment of novels (no longer than 90,000 words), novellas, and short stories that revolve around an assault team in an Army special mission unit.

The goal is to show the reader a glimpse into modern counterterrorism, to touch on current national security threats, both by non-state actors and by nation-states, and to offer a glimpse into the lives of the operators.

I’m hoping between these two, I will deliver more than enough reading material to keep my readers both entertained and thinking.

The current plan is to produce one season of Malone and the equivalent of one Task Force Green novel per year. If each season of Malone consists of eight 15,000 words episodes, that breaks down to 120,000 words in a season. Add 90,000 to that, and the goal is to write 210,000 words per year.

It’s an ambitious goal, but one I believe I can accomplish.

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