SITREP: Part 3

In Part 1, I announced that the Ben Williams series would be shelved and why.

Part 2 covered my two new projects, Malone and Task Force Green.

Finally, the question becomes: I have several social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, and this website. What do I plan on doing with these?

Well, for Facebook and Twitter, what I would like to do is occasionally share articles that deal with law enforcement, national security issues, and firearms/the 2nd Amendment. Things that will spur constructive conversation and educate those who may not be in the know.

With Instagram, I think I’ll probably continue what I am currently doing on there: bits of behind-the-scenes of my life, promotion of my work, and occasional commentary on historic occasions.

Steve and Hind 5
Photo credit: Sebastian Sassi, Sassi Italy Tours

As for this website…it’s difficult to be a blogger and a novelist simultaneously. I’ve tried before and both have suffered.

I could either aim to be a full-time firearms or political blogger or I could aim to be a novelist. To be honest, I would rather be the latter.

So, this website will likely turn into commentary regarding writing, excerpts of my works in progress, and perhaps featuring other writers. Perhaps once in a blue moon, I could dip my toes into firearms blogging. I doubt I will reenter political blogging.

The goal will be a post per month. Very low bar, but given my inability to keep up with it, I think it is better to start slow.

In summary:

-Ben Williams is going on ice, but not before I release a Williamsverse novella

-New project #1 is Malone, an episodic crime thriller short story series

-New project #2 is Task Force Green, a collection of short stories, novellas, and novels revolving around an assault team from an Army special mission unit

-I’m going to post more news on Facebook and Twitter, hold what I’ve got on Instagram, and turn this website into more of a writing-focused blog with occasional firearms blogging, as time allows.

If you have a suggestion as to what you would like to see more of, feel free to leave a comment below, or reach out to me via my social media platforms or my business email:

I want to thank you, the readers, for being with me every step of this journey. You are why I write, and I aim to deliver to you the best stories that I can write.

Read Part 1 here.

Read Part 2 here.


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