Steven Hildreth, Jr. is an author, Iraq War veteran, firearms enthusiast, and occasional essayist.

Upon leaving the active duty Army, Hildreth set out to become a thriller novelist.

His novel series centers around Ben Williams, a former Army Special Forces soldier, CIA paramilitary officer, and current private military contractor.

His first novel, The First Bayonet, is set shortly after Williams has begun contracting.

His second novel, The Sovereigns, is set in the interim period between Williams leaving the CIA and becoming a contractor.

The third entry in the Ben Williams series, The Ronin Genesis, is set immediately after The Sovereigns, with Williams and his former CIA paramilitary comrades coming together as contractors and venturing into drug-war-torn Mexico in pursuit of an Iranian agent who possesses critical and deadly information

Future installments will take place at various stages in Williams’s career.

In October of 2015, Hildreth reached the national stage with a Facebook post revolving around a traffic stop with the Tucson Police Department, using it as a positive commentary on law enforcement. The post went viral, with millions of post views and thousands of likes, shares, and comments. Hildreth gave several interviews on the Facebook post, including a radio interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation and a television interview on Fox News’s Fox and Friends.

Hildreth’s essays are usually political in nature, and revolve around the 2nd Amendment, law enforcement, and race relations in the United States.

Hildreth resides in Tucson, Arizona.

All publications on this page ©Steven Hildreth, Jr., unless otherwise noted. Any unauthorized use of material on this page is prohibited.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I recently read your post regarding the TPD traffic stop and wanted to say, thank you! Thank you for your service, for the respect you showed the officers, your professional approach to the situation and your honesty and willingness to share your experience. As a retired LEO it saddens me to listen to the news these days but your experience reaffirms our need to respect each other and share the “good” as well as the bad! Thank you!


  2. It is good to keep in mind that the problem is some city, county, and state governments that de facto recruit racist police officers to target black Americans with discriminatory detainments, arrests, fines, prison sentences, re-arrests for parole violations, and whatever other hell they can dream up to make black lives suffer.

    You do not actually believe that black people deserve the treatment they receive from racist police, do you? I doubt that you do. Your recent description of your positive outcome during a police stop is nothing but fuel for racist whites and cover for racist cops.

    You and I have something in common, which is enormous respect for good cops. I can’t imagine driving past a traffic stop without looking to see if an officer needs help. Yes, I also look to see if a citizen may be the target of police abuse, but on the whole, I have circled blocks on many occasions to double-check the well-being of law enforcement officers. I would not hesitate to stop and give assistance if an officer was being attacked. By no means to I hate all cops. Just bad ones. For the record.

    Now that conservative media has made your story familiar and shared among the millions who defend all police actions against black citizens, you could use that bully pulpit to demand better standards and better pay in police hiring, to weed out the racists and put bad cities on notice that they are not operating in the shadows any more.

    Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing some of your writing put on the big screen.



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