Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger: My New Range Bag!

This post was originally posted on 16 June 2013 on The Arms Guide.

Maxpedition has been known to make solid, quality products for some time. They are an economically feasible alternative to those of us who can’t afford Blackhawk or Tactical Tailor kit on the regular. I have some familiarity with Maxpedition: I’ve owned their three-day pack for four years now and I have had zero complaints about it. So, when the opportunity to get my hands on the Sitka Gearslinger came my way, I snatched it up eagerly, looking forward to getting to explore the bag.

gearslinger 1

Like with all of Maxpedition’s products, the Sitka Gearslinger boasts quality production. A thorough inspection of the product revealed no defects, and the material is sturdy enough to withstand frequent range use. It’s also stylish: it slings across the chest with a single strap that makes for easy donning of the pack as well as being comparable to similar popular backpacks on the market today.

gearslinger 2

The first thing I noticed was there was MOLLE webbing on the Gearslinger. That is definitely a positive quality. For people like me, MOLLE webbing automatically means more options to make the piece of kit mission or task specific. Best example I can think of is that my weapons cleaning kit has both ALICE and MOLLE attachment points on it, so attaching the cleaning kit to my range bag is a no-brainer. Also, there is a large pouch that is presumably meant to hold a water bottle, but could also hold various other items. This is also a big plus: hydration on the range is important, especially in environments similar to where I live in Arizona. While it’s not a more expensive hydration pack with a built-in bladder or room to accommodate one, the space for a water bottle is definitely great to have.

gearslinger 3

The Gearslinger has plenty of compartments. This is another plus on the basis of how I like to organize things. Having several compartments allows me to divide my range kit. On initial glance, I’d probably put ammo in the second largest compartment and maybe some eyepro, a shot timer in the small compartment, and snacks and anything else I would need to bring in the large compartment. If I were planning on shooting a lot of ammo, then I’d probably put it in the large compartment. I noticed that the second largest compartment allowed space for a notebook and possibly pens or pencils. If you’re into distance shooting and you keep DOPE, then the Gearslinger would accommodate you as well.

gearslinger 4

A range bag is not the only possible application for the Gearslinger. It has enough space to make a short-term go-bag for work, or as a day-hiking bag. It could even be a solid school bag. It has more than enough space to carry a few textbooks, notebooks, writing utensils, calculators, and the like. While mine will be my range back, the versatility of the Gearslinger is apparent the moment you pick it up and start to inspect it.

gearslinger 5

Bottom line, Maxpedition makes another fine quality product in its Sitka Gearslinger. Whether it’s for the range, the general outdoors, or your daily commute, its stylishness, sturdiness, and various spacious compartments allow it to be whatever you need it to be.

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