TAC-TIP: Proper Handgun Draw Part 2

This post was originally published on 4 August 2014 on The Arms Guide.

The written part of this TAC-TIP will be brief, as there is an accompanying video with it (shown above). I felt that since I took over a year to bring this to The Arms Guide, I should do something a little different.

Part 1 of this TAC-TIP concerned the handgun draw with regards to open carry, as well as drawing from concealment using an outside the waistband (OWB) holster and a jacket. This concerns the more popular version of concealed carry: inside-the-waistband (IWB).

IWB carry is very popular as it frees the carrier with regards to wardrobe selection. No jacket is necessary and is in fact preferred for IWB (which is a plus for those who live in hotter climes, such as myself). When done properly, there is zero indication that the carrier is armed, which provides a tactical advantage with regards to threats.

The major downside to IWB carry overall is that initially it leads to a slower draw than open carry or OWB carry. However, given enough training (and we all know that practice makes proficient), that factor can be negated entirely, as shown in the video. My draw from IWB concealment is arguably as quick as OWB concealment or open carry.

The biggest takeaways from this TAC-TIP are to select a holster that has minimal printing and will still allow for a good draw, to practice however you decide to place your IWB holster, and to ensure that your shirt clears the weapon adequately enough that you do not snag on it while your draw. The mechanics of the actual draw are otherwise the same as OWB carry.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Featured image courtesy of contributor koi88 via iStockphoto.com

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