Arizona Concealed Carry Permits: Yes, They Do Exist

It is sad that this has to have its own post, as this claim I’m about to fisk could easily be debunked in two minutes with anybody who has a functioning brain and internet access.

The following is a prime example of a claim that has been made ad nauseum by people in the wake of my traffic stop post:


Larry Harris isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. This has proven to be the norm, unfortunately.

Let’s get right to it.

Ok I live in Arizona and I can tell this story is phony. This story has GOT to be FAKE, and I mean SUPER FAKE lol

Oh, well, excuuuuse me! Your use of caps and your run-on paragraph have certainly showed me the error of my ways…not.

Firstly ARIZONA is an OPEN CARRY state. You can legally carry a GUN around loaded here. It is also legal to have your weapon CONCEALED and you don’t need a permit at all to do so here in ARIZONA.

The mistake that Mensa candidate Larry makes is that he presumes that because Arizona no longer requires a concealed carry permit to carry concealed that they must not issue permits.

It’s not like there’s an Arizona government website one could Google to debunk this or anything…oh, wait:

I am considering obtaining an Arizona concealed weapons permit. What do I do?
Review the Arizona concealed carry law, ARS 13-3112 and Arizona Administrative Rules R13-9-101 through R13-9-603. We recommend you also review ARS 13-3101 and Title 18 USC section 922(d & g) for complete eligibility criteria and ARS 13-3102, Misconduct Involving Weapons.

How do I apply for an Arizona CCW permit?
You may contact the permit unit via email to obtain an application packet. The packet will include a permit application, two fingerprint cards, a pre-addressed return envelope and instructions. Send the completed application, proof of firearms competence, two classifiable fingerprint cards, and the applicable fee to DPS.

How long will it take?
It takes approximately 75 business days to complete all of the required qualification checks.

So, right out the gate, we can tell that Mr. Harris is a loud-mouthed fool who speaks without thinking or citing sources. Arizona does issue concealed carry permits.

Why, do you ask?

According to this Wikipedia article, only seven states have complete constitutional carry (that is, open carry and no permit required to conceal carry): Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, and Wyoming. In the case of the first six states, merely being in the state allows you to carry as you please; in the case of Wyoming, you must be a resident.

I’ll demonstrate some simple math for Mr. Harris, as he is clearly not bright enough to do it himself: 50-7  = 43. That means there are 43 states where the laws do not permit constitutional carry.

If I cross the border east into New Mexico and I get caught concealed carrying without a permit, I go to jail. 

If I cross the border north into Utah and I get caught concealed carrying without a permit, I go to jail.

If I cross the border to the northeast into Colorado and I get caught concealed carrying without a permit, I go to jail.

If I cross the border to the northwest into Nevada and I get caught concealed carrying without a permit, I go to jail.

Don’t even ask me about California gun laws. Those are far too draconian for me.

Mr. Harris either does not leave the state very often, leaves without his firearms, or breaks the law every time he crosses state lines.

guilcosojo files wordpress
Where Mr. Harris’s ignorance of gun laws will land him. (source:

I prefer to be a law-abiding and armed citizen at all possible times. So, I get a concealed carry permit, which four of the five states bordering Arizona and many more recognize.

So, now that we’ve thoroughly fisked Mr. Harris’s idiotic claim that my traffic stop story must be false because Arizona is a constitutional carry state (with the implication that they must not issue concealed carry permits), let’s move on.

Funny how this National Guardsman doesn’t seem to have this basic knowledge that even elementary students in this state know.

Funny how this National Guardsman managed to not only prove you so horribly wrong, he also managed to pull up the concealed carry laws of four other states to further demonstrate how you are wrong.

Now if pulled over, you should let the officer know you have you gun on you. That’s the only factual thing about this story. And Cops will only remove your gun if you have to get out of the vehicle. However, the funny thing about this story is when this guy claims to prepare himself as the cop turned around to get behind him, why didn’t he go ahead and get his wallet out his back pocket before pulled over? I’m sure he had time, since he was “preparing himself”.

Because my first order of business is to get my registration. I always go registration first, then license. And, as I clearly stated in the traffic post, the officers arrived at my window quickly.

As for “cops will only remove your gun if you have to step out of the vehicle”? Obviously not, seeing as I would have to go past my gun to get to my wallet…again, something I very clearly stated in the post.

This story is so phony it’s almost funny lol.

The only funny thing at this point is your reading comprehension, Mr. Harris. Might I recommend slow readings of Dr. Seuss before you ever again try your hand at engaging adults in conversation?

These Fox media outlets will go to all lengths to push their agenda, even fabricate an “all lives matter” story.

Funny, seeing as a local NBC affiliate was the first one to do an interview with me, followed by a local ABC affiliate, the BBC, a couple of local radio shows, a couple of talk radio shows, and then Fox News. Might want to fact check that before you run your suck again, pal.

Shame shame shame.

This quite accurately describes your lack of grammar and logic. How have you managed to survive this long?

In my experience Cops normally don’t ask you if you have a weapon on you when pulled over for a traffic violation. An officer will ask you that if there was some sort of domestic issue involved with the traffic stop, or if you become irate and start arguing with the cop, maybe then they will ask. Story seems very fake

Tucson Police Department has stated time and time again that it is standard procedure to ask if a citizen has a weapon on their person or in their vehicle (where applicable) during public contacts. Feel free to call their information line and ask them yourself if you don’t believe me.

Your inability to research does not constitute a falsehood on my part. These things are out there, Mr. Harris. You just have to have the brainpower, reading comprehension, time, and internet and/or phone access to find the information.

I propose we bring this back for folks like Mr. Harris who blatantly speak without fact checking. (source:

It is critical that people who carry firearms are cognizant of the laws. Larry Harris is clearly not only cognizant of the Arizona firearm laws, but is in the dangerous position to know just enough to pass casual muster, but be ignorant enough to not only spread bad information (as he did on my post), but to also land himself in jail for doing something stupid.

Being of low intelligence and cocksure is a dangerous combination and I would implore Mr. Harris to rectify that at the soonest opportunity.

(featured image courtesy of MovieClips)

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