I’ve been putting off reformatting my website for some time, but in anticipation of the release of my new series, Forsaken Patriots, I figured I should get on that.

The website now has a page for all my books (which also happens to be the front page), an updated “about” section, and a page where you can find all of my social media outlets. A page has also been dedicated to my older blogs, which mostly consist of gun stuff, media reviews, and political posts from the past few years.

Speaking of political posts…I recognize that I am passionate with my opinions and I have opinions that offend just about every major political group. So, in an effort to reduce strife and create a more inclusive environment in which to promote my writing, my social media will remain apolitical, with the only exception being my Twitter (fair warning if you follow me there).

Having said that, in the interest of posterity and as a metric for growth and change, I will keep all of my blogs up for the time being. Yes, even my devastatingly flawed analysis of the 2016 election.

Photo credit: Sassi Italy Tours

So, what will my social media (and my website specifically) focus on?

I’d like to take a note out of my friend Peter Nealen’s book and start focusing more on the writing. The books I read for research, the weapons you’ll see in my books, some limited excerpts leading up to publication. I’d also like to provide resources to fellow independent authors, point them in the right direction on how to promote their work, how to format manuscripts, what to look for in cover art, etc.

Throwback to a beardless me demonstrating a draw from jacket concealment. You can read that blog post here.

Another thing I’d like to eventually get back into is TACTIPS. I’d love to do the occasional blog on things like shooting fundamentals or everyday carry (EDC) kits, as well as cool gear or guns I get my hands on. Having said that, I’ll be brutally honest: that will take a backseat to actually producing books. I’d like to promise a regular blogging schedule, but that would not be realistic. Still, it’s something I’d like to do.

Finally, for all those still supporting me across various social media after being a published novelist for the past six years: thank you for your continued support. It is because of you that I continue this endeavor.

Me with my friend Mark Greaney. I’m also relatively beardless here. Check out Mark’s GRAY MAN series!


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