The Guns and Gear of VERMILION BOILING

In the tradition of my friend Peter Nealen, I figured I’d give a rundown of some of the gear featured in the sophomore novel of the Forsaken Patriots series, Vermilion Boiling.




AKMS Small Arms of Russia

The commander of the Republican Guard unit, David Botende, is depicted as carrying an AKMS, the folding stock variant of the AKM rifle.


ak15 rosoboronexport

Members of the Wagner Group PMC advisers, including Major Kazimir Merkulov, are depicted as carrying the 7.62x39mm variant of the AK-12, the AK-15. This allows for the modularity of the AK-12 series while having ammo compatibility with their Central African Republic hosts.


AKM Areios Defense LLC

Members of the Central African Republican Guard are depicted as carrying the AKM. This is in keeping with the real-life development of Russia providing arms to the CAR free of financial charge. The major difference between the AKM and the original AK-47 is that the AKM utilizes a stamped receiver, whereas the original AK uses a milled receiver. A stamped receiver allows for faster mass production.


Galil AR Forgotten Weapons

Jack Bradshaw, Danny Pace, and Mia Grimaldi all utilize Galil AR rifles during their mission in the Central African Republic. These were obtained by Callum MacLeod for a steal, as the Cameroonian Army had decided to upgrade to the modernized Galil ACE and were due to shuttle the OG Galils. The Galil is an Israeli derivative of the AK series, and is a common staple in many African nations.

Sniper Rifles


fr f2 wikipedia

Callum MacLeod (a former member of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment and sniper) carries the FR F2 as his personal weapon. While it is not a common sight to see in Africa (the weapon is only used in two nations outside of France), MacLeod is attached to the weapon and managed to obtain one through…creative means.



mp443 wikipedia

Members of the Wagner Group PMC, including Major Kazimir Merkulov, are depicted utilizing the MP-443 as their standard sidearm. Chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, it is one of Russia’s standard issue pistols, though it is usually only issued to special purpose units.


pamas g1 wikipedia

The PAMAS G1 is a French-licensed clone of the Beretta 92F and (at the time of writing) is the standard-issue sidearm of French forces, though it is currently being replaced by the Glock 17.


cz75 cz-usa

The CZ-75 is used briefly by Mia Grimaldi, Jack Bradshaw, and Danny Pace while in Cameroon, commandeered from the Nigerian Black Axe gangsters that cornered Grimaldi in her hotel room.

Machine Guns


PKM Forgotten Weapons

The PKM is seen in service with both the Séléka and Anti-Balaka forces. At one point, Bradshaw commandeers a PKM and carries it as a second primary weapon, but abandons it shortly before arriving in Bangui.


dshk DefenseNigeria

The 12.7mm DShK (the Russian/Soviet equivalent of the Browning M2) is seen employed by Anti-Balaka and Central African Republican Guard forces throughout the novel, as well as notably by Chadian forces in the novel’s finale.



gm94 wikipedia

Wagner PMC forces are seen utilizing a GM-94 pump-action grenade launcher during the siege in Bamingui. In this role, it was used with tear gas rounds to flush out militants that the Wagner advisers aimed to apprehend.


Maserin Foreign Parachutist Knife

In a nod to MacLeod’s Foreign Legion pedigree, the protagonists carry Maserin Foreign Parachutist field knives. These were designed for the French Foreign Legion’s paratroopers, of which MacLeod used to be one.


mon-50 wikipedia

The MON-50 is a Russian knockoff of the American M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine. It is used to great effect by Jack Bradshaw and his compatriots.


rpg7 wikipedia

The ubiquitous RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade is depicted as being used by Central African Republican Guardsmen.



Jack Bradshaw and his compatriots are depicted as using surplus Russian RGD-5 fragmentation grenades during their mission in the Central African Republic.


f5 smoke grenade pinterest

The F-5 (a smoke grenade of French origin) is utilized by Bradshaw and his compatriots during their mission in the Central African Republic. In an embarrassing mistake on my part, the grenade is labeled the F-1, which is actually a designation for three different fragmentation grenades (one from France, one from Russia, and one from Australia).

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