GUN REVIEW: Springfield X.D.S.

Before we launch into the review…in my SIG P320 review, I don’t know if it was my phone or if it was WordPress, but every instance of X.D. was changed into an emoticon. Thus, even though Springfield markets the pistol without abbreviation periods, I shall be using them for clarity purposes. With that out of the […]

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GUN REVIEW: Glock 21 Gen 3

I am no stranger to the Glock format. My first Glock was a Glock 17, which I bought after I sold my first pistol, a Taurus PT1911, to somebody with an interest in gunsmithing. After the Taurus’s safety fell out for the second time, I decided to heed a friend’s advice and give Glock a […]

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How To Ask For a Book Review

Last night, I had returned to work on my current incomplete novel, The Ronin Genesis, a direct sequel to my second novel, The Sovereigns. I wrote about a thousand words, and decided that this merited a somewhat celebratory post on my Instagram. Well, this morning, I wake up to a notification on that photo. I caught what it said, […]

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Ever since the Glock series of pistols edged forward as the premier weapon for the military, law enforcement, and concealed carry communities, gun reviewers have been searching for the “Glock killer,” the next striker-fired pistol that would eclipse the Glock and beat it at its own game. Some speculated it would be the Springfield X.D. […]

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No, Shooting a Violently Resisting Suspect is NOT a Violation of Due Process

I seriously cannot believe we have to have this discussion.   One of the commonly repeated mantras by the Black (Criminal) Lives Matter movement is that shooting an actively and violently resisting criminal is a violation of due process. First, let’s pull up the definition of due process, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: law : the official […]

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Debunking A “Combat Veteran’s” Take On Escalation of Force

I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging more often and getting new content on the website. I’ve been working on my third book and working full time, so the time hasn’t really presented itself. However, in recent weeks with with a recent shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma and another in Charlotte, North Carolina, along with NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick […]

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