No, Shooting a Violently Resisting Suspect is NOT a Violation of Due Process

I seriously cannot believe we have to have this discussion.   One of the commonly repeated mantras by the Black (Criminal) Lives Matter movement is that shooting an actively and violently resisting criminal is a violation of due process. First, let’s pull up the definition of due process, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: law : the official […]

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Debunking A “Combat Veteran’s” Take On Escalation of Force

I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging more often and getting new content on the website. I’ve been working on my third book and working full time, so the time hasn’t really presented itself. However, in recent weeks with with a recent shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma and another in Charlotte, North Carolina, along with NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick […]

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Arguing With an Anti-Gunner

It’s election season again. This is the time where the issues are the most hotly contested. People make their arguments on both sides, some factual, others not so factual. I tend to be of the belief that almost all issues have valid points on both sides. There are very few where I have seen all […]

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