The Twenty-One Foot Rule

This post was originally published on 26 January 2014 on The Arms Guide. I was in my apartment, practicing my draw from concealment (because practice makes proficient), and my brain—being the random tangent machine that it is—immediately leapt to the twenty-one foot rule. Not familiar with it? Allow me to explain. The twenty-one foot rule […]

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TACTIP: Cover vs. Concealment

This post was originally published on 12 August 2013 on The Arms Guide. The average time-is-life situation for a concealed carry holder is remarkably short. Most incidents come to a halt with the presentation of a firearm in the holster or with the draw from the holster. Very few actually result in an exchange of […]

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Let’s Talk Eyepro

This post was originally published on 23 June 2013 on The Arms Guide. If you’re new to shooting–especially if you have zero law enforcement or military experience–you’re probably wondering what eyepro is. Those of us in the military will tell you that we love acronyms and we love shortening words and contracting words because we […]

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